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Linea design

Design Line

Line Design is made by leading Italian artisans for AG Studio, mixed materials, high technology and quality with the most sophisticated and elegant design. Customizable skins in the lining made of "full grain" Italian, combines minimalist forms and harmonious with the strength of innovative materials and brushed steel. The ideal environment to expose your favorite album, making it not only a container of memories, but also envied a piece of furniture. It's original brand 5punto6

Linea Classic

Classic Line

The Classic Line – elegant style that brings together a series of albums that will be the perfect setting for the lasting memories of your wedding. Made by Italian craftsmen in leather. Combine the elegance and timeless style of the Florentine leather with a wide range of colors and patterns. With a cover tailored to match the album to ensure that it can be safely stored.

Linea Prestige

Prestige Line

The Prestige Line is made and designed by important Italian artisans especially for AG Studio. Made entirely by hand from Italian leather "first flower" ISO 9001 certified and paintings of French manufacture. Each item is certified by AG Studio which verifies the flawless workmanship and solidity. Paintings, silk shantung and skins that embellish in a clever mix the memory of your wedding, making it a unique and fully customizable.