FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How does the photo shoot work?

We capture preparations of the bride and groom at their houses and then follow you to the ceremony (whether at the church or outdoors etc) and then onto the celebrations! Our services end only when the party is over or until we are no longer needed. .

Do you ask the couple to cut cake a particular time?

No, you'll be free to organize time and every moment during the day.

How long will you be there?

We have no time limits. There are no additional charges for parties that extend beyong the cutting of the cake! We will be with YOU, capturing your day.

What do you mean wedding in style “reportage”?

The nature of reportage is the spontaneity. The idea is to represent your day with the greatest spontaneity and to ensure that there is minimum disruption or invasiveness – so that you don’t even realise there is a photographer there, capturing the moments. Photographs in this style and using specific techniques capture the real marriage and its characteristics. Of course, you also have the opportunity to have classic posed photographs as well – posing with family, bridal party and friends. We can adapt to whatever kind of photography you want, whether it is a focus on the couple or the celebration and the guests – or both!

What type of album do you make?

How many photographers will there be on the wedding day?

We have different formulas depending on your celebration and needs. Every celebration requires careful planning and we will work with you to choose the best and most cost-effective solution to capture your day. There are a maximum of 5 professional photographers on the day. Each will focus on different aspects and is dedicated to capture a different aspect of your day with a unique photographer approach.

Will our guests also be photographed or do you concentrate only on the couple?

Although most of the day’s events will focus on you, the newlyweds, we will also of course capture all aspects of the wedding including your guests who have come to celebrate the special day with you.

How many shots will be taken during the day?

We do not have a limit on the shots taken during the day. Antonino and the staff will follow every momment of the wedding and the details with the utmost care (in some cases there can be more than 3000 – 4000 photos for an event).

Do you have the required identification card issuedby the Curia as required to take photos and film inside a church?

Absolutely yes. As a professional wedding photographer and videographer we guarantee that appropriate authorisations are in place.

Are photos of the service available to be reprinted?

Depending on the package chosen by the couple. If the package includes it, a DVD will be provided to allow reprints and also to enable reprints in larger sizes.

Who chooses the pictures which are included?

. All the photos which are included in the album will be chosen by the couple. If necessary, we make adjustments when designing the layout.

Can the photos in the album and the layout be customised?

We prepare a digital previous of the layout of the images in the album (whether it is a classic album or a photo book), so that you have the freedom to modify and change. This process ensures that the end result will be exactly as you imagined and will not contain any photos you do not like.

Is it possible to receive the album directly at home?

. Absolutely yes. We ship by insured courier with DHL or FEDEX.

How to pay?

Normally, we require 30% upon signing the contract, 40% by the wedding day and the balance prior to receiving the album. These percentages can be modified to suit our clients requests.