Video Matrimonio

Chiara e Roberto

Remember the most beautiful day of your life, all the emotions, the details and the magic of your day with a video recording.

All of the footage taken on the day will be in high definition (HD resolution 1080) to ensure the highest quality available.

Normally we combine traditional HD video cameras with modern SLR HD cameras. You can select the soundtrack which accompanies the amazing images that record your wedding and that are only possible through our experience and state of the art equipment.

Relive your special day, relive the emotions, whenever you want. Feel that deep breath you took just after you said the fateful "yes", the clicking of heels on the floor while you were accompanied by your father out of the house in your gown, the applause of friends and family, the tear in his eye, the beautiful king and queen on an unforgettable day.

The video we will deliver you will be unique, just like your story of love together.

View our trailer made with images of some of our weddings.

Giulia e Alessandro

Valentina e Daniele

Gabriella e Riccardo